LUDICS — the art and design of PLAY

brain_controlFoto:Neurospace Art Game, performance, Computerspielemuseum Berlin 2017/ Amaze Festival 2018

* artistic research and another AI in arts 
* Ludics, playful mechanisms in the arts
* meta-games 
* media epistemology 
* neurosciences and philosophy 

Artistic strategies: 
* The Art and Design of Play, game arts, media installations, Ludic artefacts and apps. 
* Ludic method, suggested as part of the Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences, CAIIA, University of Plymouth, UK under the guidance of Roy Ascott, under the title "Ludic. The Art and Politics of Play".

Academic Affiliations: 
Univ.-Prof. PhD in Arts program, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Senior Lecturer for Digital arts, dieAngewandte. 
Professor Game Design ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts.

Curriculum Vitae Margarete Jahrmann 2020

Research Outputs 2020


//May 2020

Material: massive multiplayer online brain-computer-interface game, user datagram protocoll, internet.
Kickoff of the artistic research project */Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with neurointerfaces/* Including a demonstration of the #NEUROMATIC BRAINWAVE BROADCAST series, performed ongoing since 3rd April 2020 & Pre_launch of the activist brainwave inversion game#01: NeuroFLOWer

//October 2019

Official Opening of the NEW Ludic Method Soirèes with special guest, the honorable artist and long term Ludic fellow Shu Lea Cheang

A role play lecture, specially designed for the event, related to her Venice Biennale Installation.

//September 2019

schwarzmarkt.004 schwarzmarkt.003 schwarzmarkt.002 schwarzmarkt.001“Black Market for useful knowledge” performative talks, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna

PRAXEOLOGY_, Sept. 2019. my role: Ludic Society Praxeology

EYE_SEE_CAM neuroexperiment with client


Deep Dream AI on stage _ LAB STUFF classification, Ars electronica 2019, curated by Shu Lea Chang, hosted by Pedro Soler.
It was a pleasure to participate at the really amusing late night show of UNFINISHED Lab – around the magic cauldron at the iconic Linz STWST, Stadtwerkstatt. Thanks To You all!

We connected to a online database of Lab materials, linking it to the onsite physical network of the audience… at counter Ars!

Area7Lab_unfinishedLab_ars2019 from Margarete Jahrmann on Vimeo.

//July 2019

TnX to the Interest of the Graduate School for Neurosciences, LMU Munich. The talk feature questions of neurosciences and artistic experiments, artistic research. The feature by the highly engaged young neuroscientist Kate Sytnik went online July 2019.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-15 um 13.28.29

Mind over Matter – episode 14 – with Prof. Margarete Jahrmann & Prof. Stefan Glasauer

//July 2019

ERES_announcerA dialogue on Psychophysics and experimental systems at the ERES foundation Munich, July 2019. In Collaboration with the Center for Advanced Studies CAS, LMU Munich. Foundation 2019

… if You jump to minute 32 I will tell You about my approach towards LUDIC RESEARCH and more natural experiments!

//August 2019

WORKSHOP Experiments as Games, Graduate School Neurosciene LMU Munich, July 2019

//June 2019

TATE Modern London, Tate Exchange event Moving Humans.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-12 um 15.51.51IP moving Humans A3 PosterIMG_02263DSculpture_2019PUBLIC GAME EXPERIMENT , June 2019


Updated CV 2020

Research Outputs 2020

English Curriculum Vitae _CV_Jahrmann_2018

German CV_ Lebenslauf_Jahrmann_2018