Curriculum Vitae

brain_controlNeurospace, performance Computerspielemuseum Berlin 2017

-- Jahrmann 
Ph.D in Sciences and Arts
Founder of the Ludic Society
Zurich University of the Arts
Professor Game Art and Game Design
Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Postfach 
CH-8031 Zürich
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Guest Professor Artistic Research _ Ph.D in Arts
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Wien
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Margarete Jahrmann’s main interest lies in the artistic research and exploration of insight through Ludics, playful mechanisms in the arts. She works on science of science, media epistemology, neurosciences. Her artistic strategies include game arts, film, digital theater and media installations, including artefacts and apps. Stemming from her practical and theoretical experiences in game theories and cultures and an international exhibition and lecture practice she developed an origin Ludic method as part of her Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences, in the arts based programme of the CAIIA all stars/ planetary collegium, University of Plymouth, UK. Margarete Jahrmann currently is guest professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, PhD in Arts programme and professor Game Design ZHDK, Zurich University of the Arts.

An emanation of this arts based research experience is her academic focus on the development and investigation of potential arts research methodologies, the LUDIC METHOD and scientific  experiments in public performances and the mis en scène of discourse and science, in short play as art.

decisionDemonscreenaffiliations: Margarete Jahrmann, Prof. Sen. Lect. Mag.Art. Dr.Phil. is founder of the research association Ludic Society, editor of the Ludic society magazine, Professor ZHDK in the subject area Game Design at the Zürich University of the Arts. She also holds a position as senior lecturer for Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is actually guest professor for the newly established doctorate programme in Arts at the Zentrum Focus Forschung at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

video: Pierre Luigi Cappucci, Five Words to the Future, 2015.

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Game  Art research society and magazines, Ludic Society {} {} 2006 – 2016

Experimental netart, Konsum Art Server {} {} 1995 – 2006

Game Fashion {} {} QR-Nymphae, Game Fashion 2.0, Quick-Read-Code Camouflage Collection {} {}

HERA arts research project Play& Prosume: Technology Exchange & Flow. 2010- 2013 (Principal Investigator Vienna)