2019 Augmented Play, Art, and Space.


Jahrmann M (2019). Augmented Play, Art, and Space. The Cognitive Coupling of Avant-Garde Games with Unexpected Mental Spaces. In: Architecture | Volume 50. The architectonics of game spaces. Eds. Andri Gerber/ Ulrich Götz, Transcript, Berlin, pp 249-265. 


…Margarete Jahrmann is a “practical theorist” active in game design and as such she brings in a diœerent perspective on the matter discussed in this book. She playfully investigates the relationship between spatial per-ception and computer games through games and installations, making reference to a whole set of similar artistic projects that bring together dif-ferent spatial dimensions, be it on stage, in games or in “reality”. Together with Max Moswitzer, she publishes the Ludic Society Magazine, a ludic arts research journal on playful methods in artistic research. The center of her article discusses the concept of “flow” as the key to understand the relationship of reality, virtual reality and game space. … (from the introduction)

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