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Curriculum Vitae Margarete Jahrmann (academic version)

Personal data

21.06.1967, in Wien

Academic degrees

12.09. 2011 Philosophical Doctorate (PhD) University of Plymouth Dissertation: Ludics for a Ludic Society. The Art and Politics of Play. Online published:

07.05.95 Magister Artis, Summa cum Laude, University of applied Arts Vienna

awards and stipendia

2003 2002

2004 2006

2011 – 2013 2016

PrixArsElectronica, distinction in interactive arts with Max Moswitzer for Nybble Engine, An Anti-war shooter Installation.

V2 lab Rotterdam, artist in residence,
Dutch Electronic Arts Festival/ guest artist
Unreal Engine Total Conversion mit Linux server Funktionen – beyond Game Modding

Transmediale Berlin, software arts award for the Anti war shooter “Nybble Engine Reloaded”
artist in lab, AI-lab, Artficial Inteligence Institute (Rolf Pfeiffer) University of Zurich, mit GO APE

ENGINE – hardware Bots, dominance and hierarchy in Macacus Ape populations.
artist residency at MIT Medialab, Ludic Society performance plays– We Sell Play no Games am

Gamebit Institute, Comparative Media Studies CMS, Boston

Principal Investigator of Vienna Research Team, TEF,Technology, Exchange and Flow, HERA Programm/ Humanities in the European Research Area

Fellowship Zentrum f. Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin (ZfL) zu Aby Warburgs Pathosformeln in Babel Performances

Editor of magazines and books:

2006 – 2008 „Ludic Society Magazine“ des Ludic Sociey-Verlag, Wien/Zürich
1998 – 2000 Kuratorin Ars Electronica Center Linz für die Vortragsreihe Intertwinedness

1998 Ars electronica Skyloft lecture series book: Ritter Verlag Wien: Intertwinedness. Reflecting the Culture of the Net.

1996 – 2000 Columnist of Telepolis Onlinemagazin, Heise Verlag

1998 – 2000 Cuator for netculture, OK Center for Contemporary arts, Linz. Editor of Numerous exhibition catalogues.

Exhibitions, (selection):

2016 IFWL Berlin- Aby Warburg arts research Enactment, Berlin
2016 Grauzone Vienna- BAbel Tower Installation
2016 Centre Dürrenmatt, Neuchatel BAabel Replay performance/ Conference Design 2016 Entropy Opera, Kabelwerk Wien
2015 transmediale Berlin, arts research Principles
2015 gameZ Festival. What Game Designers Think about the City as Playground.
2015 Leuphana University, Performing the digital.
2015 Durchhaus in Vienna, Arts Research and Aurora Borrealis.
2014 Akademie der Künste Berlin, Über den Schwindel
2014 Centre for Storytelling Luzern, Neubad, Identity Players
2014, GameZ Festival, Walcheturm Zürich, Selfie Game.
2014RE–culture III, “RISK”, 3rd International Visual Art Festival Patras, Greece
2013 Vienna Art Fair, Messegelände.
2012 Galerie Lisi Hämmmerle


2014 „Die große Illusion“, Alternate Reality curtain, Steinbrener/ Dempf Wien (Installation window, urban intervention and Alternate Reality performance)

2013 Play& Prosume. Exhibition Interface and Design, Kunsthalle Vienna 2013,
2013 Artists in Exchange. New Delhi, India, Lalit Kahla Academy, AR Trench_Code (Urban Performance with colonial

2012 art project and exhibition, Sail Against The End, Sabotage Gallery Vienna. (3D print and duration performance)

2011 Performance and Alternate Reality costumes, The Third Woman Game, Galapagos Art Club, New York. (ARG Code Dress performance).

2011 Performance and solo show, Subliminal Messages Window (Hommage to W.S. Borroughs). Electronic Avenue, Museumsquarter Schauraum, Vienna. (Iphone App/ AAA profiler &Installation Performance).

2009 Laboral Gijon, Ausstellungsinterface und Game for „Homo Ludens“, Spain.

Publications (selection)

1. Peer-reviewed articles (original publications) 1a As first author

Margarete Jahrmann, 2016. Deep Play. Arts experiments as strategies of participative research, in: Journal for Research Cultures. Strategien künstlerischen und wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens. Issue #1, Ed. Matthias Tarasiewicz, Research Institute for Arts & Technology, Vienna (RIAT)

Margarete Jahrmann, 2015. Tagging the City! Methods of Urban Performance, Ludic Interventions and Games. In: Timon Beyes, Martina Leeker, Reneé Ridgeway, Imanuel Schipper (Hg.), Performing the Digital, transcript Hamburg 2015 (in Vorbereitung).

Margarete Jahrmann, 2014. Constant Beyond Gamification. In: Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Chek Tien Tan, Charles Walker (Eds.), Playful Subversion of Technoculture, Gaming Media and Social Effects, Springer 2014

M. Jahrmann, 2013: “Play and Prosume. Exhibition Game Design”; Talk: FROG 2012. Vienna Games Conference, Wien; in: “Context Matters! Exploring and Reframing Games in Context. Proceedings of the 7th Vienna Games Conference FROG 2013”, new academic press, Wien (2013).

1b As second author

F. Kayali, M. Jahrmann, B. Felderer, J. Ortner: “Persuasion and Play – Towards an Augmented Reality Exhibition Interface”; in: “Play and Prosume, Schleichende Werbung und schnelle Avantgarde”, M. Jahrmann, B. Felderer (ed.); Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg, 2013, 75 – 83.

Margarete Jahrmann, Fares Kayali, Josef Schuh & Brigitte Felderer: “Alternate Reality Games: Persuasion in Context”, pdf download forthcoming, presented at the FROG 2011: 5th Vienna Games Conference

2. Monographs

Margarete Jahrmann & Max Moswitzer (eds.), 2016. The VOID Book. Emptyness and Potentialities. Verlag Ludic Society Zurich (presentes at the occasion of 100 years of DADA, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich).

Margarete Jahrmann & Brigitte Felderer (eds.), 2013. Play and Prosume, Schleichende Werbung und schnelle Avantgarde. Technology Exchange and Flow, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg.

3. Book contributions

M. Jahrmann, 2016. “Art Augmentation in Political Games”, In: Agon & Ares. Strouhal, E. (ed.), 2016, Springer Wien (in Vorbereitung).

M. Jahrmann, 2016. “Constant Beyond Gamification”. In: Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Chek Tien Tan, Charles Walker (Eds.), Playful Subversion of Technoculture, Gaming Media and Social Effects, MIT Press 2016

M. Jahrmann, 2014. „Gamification and beyond. Ernsthaft Spielen“. In: „Schwindel der Wirklichkeit“, Panel Proceedings Künstlervereinigung Akademie der Künste Berlin, 2014.

M.Jahrmann, B. Felderer, 2013. “Play & Prosume. Zum kuratorischen Konzept”. In: Play and Prosume, Schleichende Werbung und schnelle Avantgarde. Technology Exchange and Flow, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg.

M. Jahrmann, 2012, “Playful Ludic Interfaces”, In: Coded Cultures. Russeger, G. (ed.), 2012, Springer Wien, pp. 112 – 126.