Critical Play with Neurointerfaces/ Film.

Neuromatic Game Art – artistic reflexive documentation of a research question…. With the artistic mission statement on the Project Neuromatic Game Art — Critical Play with Neurointerfaces, we are part of the 2020 edition of the Forum Alpbach Showcase of Die Angewandte Vienna, selected artistic research projects. Thanks for this opportunity!
August 2020: Forum Alpbach, Digital Showcase artistic research, Die Angewandte

Live sonification of emotional states/AI – Ludic Rulez!

NEWly found footage: TnX dear friend! Unseen and unpublished videos of the 2020 AIL live performance of different emotional states (Thomas Wagensommerer Sound patch, Stefan Glasauer live data from emotional states, Margarete Performance on examination couch and game mechanics) classified by an Deep Dream AI – “I want to see HAPPY monkeys” ! Tnx to Eva Fischer for the opportunity to show at the Post Digital exhibition… and perform according to Ludic ruleZ!

(2017-2019) PRE_COGNITION: Game-Experiment in SPACE HABITAT


Predicting the Future is an essential Function of the nervous system. this statement is the starting point of a time space narration and a self experiment with a research game design by Margarete Jahrmann and the neuroscientist Stefan Glasauer. The Game Experiment was performed over a period of time simulating repetitive day and night circles on cognitive processes of decision making . Shot on location of the SHEE Habitat International Space University Strassbourg.(Jahrmann/ Dématraz 2017)


Public Screening at Ludic Ouvroir, Prater-atelier Rustenschacherallee 2-4, at the occasion of the #Ludic Method Series, part2, <Autumn 2019.

Installation Future of DemonstrationReflexive discussion in the form of a space-time expanded interactive film. The text of the film was developed in a rizomatic writing game in exchange with the dramaturg and writer Marian Kaiser.

Discussion of the Concept with Space Architect Barbara Imhof: PUBLIC EVENT in the context of AP Angewandte arts science research Practice. November 29, 2017, 6 pm, Heligkreuzerhof, 1010 Vienna.


#Ludic Method Soirée Issue 01#Ludic Method Soirée Issue 01

LUDIC METHOD Example #001: The Space architect Barabra Imhof created the space simulation habitat SHEE, Self-deployable habitat for extreme environments. It was used by Margarete Jahrmann and the Francophone filmmaker Samuel Dématraz to create a duration performance with pre-cognition elements and a pre-formed game experiment at the International Space University Strassbourg.

Barbara Imhof responds to the invitation for the first #Ludic method soirée in Vienna: “Seen from a top view, all my work is a game of many rules applied to topics of terrestrial and outer space design research and development. Designing from the unfamiliar might be a good short description…”