(2016). Founding member of D-A-CH DIGRA

Co-Founder of logo_whitethe Game Studies  D-A-CH DiGRA Chapter for German-speaking Countries in 2016 http://www.digra.org/the-association/chapters/german-speaking-countries-digra-chapter/

digra1Goals of the Chapter:
In creating a DiGRA Chapter of German-speaking countries we intend to foster exchange of research in between Austrian, German and Swiss Game Studies researchers increase the visibility of German Game Studies internationally discuss particularities of German language media studies/game studies and showcase these research topics (if they exist) to an international audience. This might be: mediality and mediation, cultural techniques, inter- and transmediality, media ecology, discourse analysis, “critical game studies” (with the double meaning of “conditions of” und “critique of” computer games) start a process of translating texts that have originally been written in German into English and disseminate them within the DiGRA community attempt to broaden the scope of game studies and to reintegrate non-digital games and play help establishing game related curricula at universities that reflect the interdisciplinary approach of German game studies acknowledge ludic approaches originating in experimental theatre, game art, media hacking, indie production.