Kickoff of the artistic research project */Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with neurointerfaces/* at AIL Online

Including a demonstration of the #NEUROMATIC BRAINWAVE BROADCAST series, performed ongoing since 3rd April 2020 & Pre_launch of the activist brainwave inversion game#01: NeuroFLOWer…

With members of the Neuromatic research group Vienna/Zurich and guests: Margarete Jahrmann (game art), Ruth Schnell (digital arts), Stefan Glasauer (computational neuroscience), Mark Coeckelbergh (technophilosopy), Johannes Hucek (digital art),Stefan Schmidlin/ Simon Broggi/ Insert Coin Zurich (game design), Charlotta Ruth (artistic research choreography), Thomas Wagensommerer (brainwave sonification), Anna Dobrosovestnova (device philosophy), Zarko Alexsic (neuro art), et al.

special guest: Isabelle Garzorz (experimental neuroscience).

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