International Space UniversityStrasbourgtime-space shift, pre-cognition installation. Based on a self MEURO GAME Experiment “Decision Demon” , enacted in a duration performance in November 2017, shot by Samuel Dématraz at the International Space University Strasbourg, in the Mars SUSTAINABLE SIMULATION HABITAT SHEE

Special Thanks for making contact  to the Space Architect Barbara Imhof and her liquefier Group: See Self-deployable habitat for extreme environments:

Installation Future of Demonstrationfilmic installation, 4. Nov. 2017, based on a self experiment, conducted the week before in a space simulation habitat. location: the impressive time-space-shifting Viennese 19th century ballroom Gschwandtner.

For the performance episode NAURUTICA Synthetic Future Islands and the Tragedy of Outer Space in the context of the Vienna Festival The Future of Demonstration