(2017) Neuro Play

NEURO_SPACE Incubation tent, 29th April 2017, Berlin A live LARP Scene and NEURO-SPACE play testing!




Presented at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Berlin, at the occasion of transmediale 2017, exhibition of timeline associated projects.


Live performed Neuro Interface Experiment with a new brain designed level played on the historic computer space console from 1971 – right in front of the Computerpsielemuseum Berlin.

Special Thanks to the Computerspiele museum Berlin who provided the original Space war console for this performance piece.

Ars Electronica 2017 AI/ DEEP DREAMING; Neuro Scie lab Game

Ars Electronica 2017 AI/ DEEP DREAMING; Neuro Scientific Lab Game. Under the label Area 7 Lab we produced an AI software and Game Interface, tested a series of subjects as part of the Ars electronica exhibition opening evening.

Decision Demon Experiment

Neuro Art Game Experiment, Opera of Entropy Vienna, with Stefan Glasauer, 2016.