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It was a pleasure and absolutely interesting to hosting the panel: Architecture and Robotics
as convenor. The Input “SpaceRobotSpace” by  Prof. Dr. Thomas Bock (TU München) Abstract Bock (63 KB) led to an intense disourse about the future of Androids, Automata and Space flight…

“Architectures IMG_2161in the Era of Drones, Robotics and Self-driving Cars” by Prof. Dr. Tomoyuki Furutani (Keio University) Abstract Furutani (58 KB) caused a critical questioning of  Drones in our society and the individualized mobility — and abeatiful highlife was of course the “The Architecture Space-Game” by  Dr. Oliver Schürer / H.A.U.S. (TU Wien), where he pointed us to Jean Pauls excellent text on the DOPPELGAENGER Abstract Schürer (60 KB) … followed by performance on the topic. The   Q & A session was over time- but we insisted on our obligation to contextualize and remain open to public questions…


27. -29. May, 2019. 1st Public Colloquium with my artistic PhD students – see discourse objects of the graduate school  – at the new and vibrant Bildhaueratelier Rustenschacherallee… Come and join!

KatarinaSoskic Foto: Katarina Soskic


Opening of the Biennale Di Venezia:  Sessions in the Giardini

Participant on the panel: Digital Transformations – Society and Arts at the Turning Point BiennalePanelPanel on 11th May 2019.
Gerald Bast, President University of Applied Arts Vienna, Ruth Schnell, Head of Digital Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Virgil Widrich, Head of Art & Science, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Margarete Jahrmann, Univ. Prof. Artistic Research for Ph.D in Arts Program, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Ute Meta Bauer, Founding director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Stephan Hilpold, Head of the arts section, Der Standard


SAVE THE DATE: 25.07.2019 at 18:30, ERES-Stiftung, Römerstraße 15, 80801 Munich.</blink>  Ludic Epistemes. Inner and Outer Space in Art and Psychophysics.

Talk between Prof. Dr. Margarete Jahrmann and Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer (LMU).

An artistic game-experiment performed in a space habitat and an authentic report of experiences from parabolic flights form the poles of a speculative discourse between an artist and a neuroscientist on conditions, possibilities, similarities, and differences of artistic and scientific research. Original experimental devices used for investigating spatial perception in the context of MIR spaceflight missions will serve as ludic discourse objects, connecting art, space flight as expedition to the unknown realms of outer space, and the quest for understanding our inner perceptual world.