(2017-2019) PRE_COGNITION: Game-Experiment in SPACE HABITAT

ERES Foundation 2019


Predicting the Future is an essential Function of the nervous system. this statement is the starting point of a time space narration and a self experiment with a research game design by Margarete Jahrmann and the neuroscientist Stefan Glasauer. The Game Experiment was performed over a period of time simulating repetitive day and night circles on cognitive processes of decision making . Shot on location of the SHEE Habitat International Space University Strassbourg.(Jahrmann/ Dématraz 2017)



Public Screening at Ludic Ouvroir, Prater-atelier Rustenschacherallee 2-4, at the occasion of the #Ludic Method Series, part2, <Autumn 2019.

Installation Future of DemonstrationReflexive discussion in the form of a space-time expanded interactive film. The text of the film was developed in a rizomatic writing game in exchange with the dramaturg and writer Marian Kaiser. https://player.vimeo.com/video/241363321

Discussion of the Concept with Space Architect Barbara Imhof: PUBLIC EVENT in the context of AP Angewandte arts science research Practice. November 29, 2017, 6 pm, Heligkreuzerhof, 1010 Vienna.


#Ludic Method Soirée Issue 01#Ludic Method Soirée Issue 01

LUDIC METHOD Example #001: The Space architect Barabra Imhof created the space simulation habitat SHEE, Self-deployable habitat for extreme environments. It was used by Margarete Jahrmann and the Francophone filmmaker Samuel Dématraz to create a duration performance with pre-cognition elements and a pre-formed game experiment at the International Space University Strassbourg.

Barbara Imhof responds to the invitation for the first #Ludic method soirée in Vienna: “Seen from a top view, all my work is a game of many rules applied to topics of terrestrial and outer space design research and development. Designing from the unfamiliar might be a good short description…”