AAA ThP: ARG ALT Artivism Thunder Play –  CIVA 2021

Margarete Jahrmann & Thomas Wagensommerer, coop Louise Linsenbolz, Georg Luif, Stefan Glasauer.

An Area7lab production.

generative multiplayer EEG Brainpainting based sound game,

commissioned by and exhibited at the first edition of

CIVA FESTIVAL Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art 2021

(opening performance LIVE play February 21st 2021)

Multiplayer environment, EEG generated mind sculpture of 4 live players, generative sound environment, brainwave object, photogrammteric environment for live performance mit EEG interfaces, including a simulation of a model of bounding boxes, pandemic infection, spatial distance and mental closeness — in a disruptive eroding world. 

Photogrammetric startscene- Donnerbunnen Vienna.

Beside the performance sessions the environment can be entered, a stored version of a brain data object serves as interactive playground/ multiuser game with the aim to foster an implosion into a de-constructivist experience around the Donner Brunnen as historic Vienna site of social contact, exhibition, and erotic attraction, where a new virtual fountain sculpture is generated live by 4 EEG players. Come and participate in the concert at Thunderdome Donnerbrunnen –  we play since the time of the wireframe crinoline in the 17th hundreds till the 3D game engine bounding box into real life social distance and collective avatar framing of social interaction.

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