Kickoff of the artistic research project */Neuromatic Game Art: Critical play with neurointerfaces/* at AIL Online

Including a demonstration of the #NEUROMATIC BRAINWAVE BROADCAST series, performed ongoing since 3rd April 2020 & Pre_launch of the activist brainwave inversion game#01: NeuroFLOWer…

With members of the Neuromatic research group Vienna/Zurich and guests: Margarete Jahrmann (game art), Ruth Schnell (digital arts), Stefan Glasauer (computational neuroscience), Mark Coeckelbergh (technophilosopy), Johannes Hucek (digital art),Stefan Schmidlin/ Simon Broggi/ Insert Coin Zurich (game design), Charlotta Ruth (artistic research choreography), Thomas Wagensommerer (brainwave sonification), Anna Dobrosovestnova (device philosophy), Zarko Alexsic (neuro art), et al.

special guest: Isabelle Garzorz (experimental neuroscience).

CAS LMU Munich – ERES Foundation Munich. RESEARCH Fellow at the Center of Advanced Studies/ Neurosciences 2019.

Margarete Jahrmann ist im Juli und August 2019 Visiting Fellow am CAS. Am 25. Juli 2019 hält sie in der ERES-Stiftung zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer ein Gespräch zum Thema “Ludic Epistemes. Inner and Outer Space in Art and Psychophysics” führen.

Live talk… including work selection

Am 7. und 8. August 2019 Workshop  “Experiments as Games”.

Alien Life: between brains, bacteria and matter. (postponed)

Postponed: Alien Life: between brains, bacteria and matter.
March 27th 2020, 7pm-9pm
Co-Corporeality presenters: Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme
Ray LC (Artist, designer, neuroscientist) (
Margarete Jahrmann ( Media artist ) (
Moderation: Barbara Imhof
Alien life: between brains, bacteria and matter
is about exploring new practices and an as yet unknown sensitivity towards building bonds between people, machines and living matter. We would like to encourage the view that all matter is part of one world and is not separate from one another. Further, we would like to foster communication across different scales and beyond living material, making kin in other worlds not tangible and visible to humans at first sight. We imagine the rise of new types of vocabularies to speak a language whose semantics challenge the traditional distinction between inanimate technology and living nature. We are interested in designing spatial arrangements within our terrestrial environment and creating theoretical components through conversations that go beyond the Anthropocene.
– Co-Corporeality team University of Applied Arts: Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme, Waltraut Hoheneder, Damjan Minovski, Kyle Koops, Patricia Tibu
Project partners:
– Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI): Martin Gasser
– Polymer and Composites Engineering (PaCE) Group, University of Vienna: Alexander Bismarck, Andreas Mautner, Neptun Yousefi, Kathrin Weiland.