(2007). HOMO Ludens Ludens Exhibition Game

“I felt like a puppet in the hands of Objects of Desire, the latest game of Ludic Society. This international association of artists, game practitioners and theorists seek to provoke a new artistic re/search discipline, best addressed as ‘ludics’ (cf. some of their previous works: Tagged City Play for Real Players in Real Cities and The Pong Dress).

Laboral Exhibition Game 2017-03-21 um 11.58.33foto: imonym.com

Objects of Desire is a Neo-Situationist’s walk in the company of capricious spimes through an invisible city of electromagnetic waves. The play-map constitutes of real names of wireless access points, found during a “WIFI-Sniff” through the city of Gijon. Names of actual urban WIFI zones (my favourite was called Familia Alvarez) are mapped and tagged like street-names in the exhibition space while aether waves with the same subjective names are also superimposed on the arts space, as playground.”